Temporary release

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Temporary release

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My solicitor applied for temporary release for me. I really, really wanted to be released because I get so bored here and I want to finish my college course. Last night I was dreaming that I got released and I dreamt about getting the bus back into London and taking all my stuff with me. I have been in here so long, maybe I have forgotten things about life outside!

They woke me up this morning and I was still in prison. They woke me up from my dream of being released! I waited all day for an answer from immigration. I called my solicitor at 5 o’clock. She said that they didn’t give me temporary release. :-( I feel sad about that because I was ready to leave this place and I told my friends I was going to leave today or tomorrow.

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Dan rJanuary 2, 2014 at 5:05 pmReply

Hi hope you get a indefinate stay in the uk I feel young hard working young men like you should be allowed too stay if you came into the uk as a young teenager with possibility with parents etc I have no time for illegal imergrents whom come and take advantage of our free Heath care system which I am pleased in changing to charging non uk citizens in due course. I hope this will change the opinions of the uk of being a free nation too all. And reduce illegal imergrents coming over too uk by sailing though uk waters and by air dreamaticly but where young teenagers or children came with their family without choice should be allowed into the uk. I hope and pray u get a indefinate permission too stay best wishes Danx