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Be Kind

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I had been stuck in the removal wing for a week after my 6th deportation flight was cancelled. I asked the officers to move me back to the main wing, where there is much more space, but he said they were too busy that day. It’s so boring in F wing: there’s no space, the rooms are small, and there’s no activities or sports.

My teacher called the detention centre and asked them to move me. When they got this message from my teacher, one of the officers came to find me and said ‘why have you been complaining about things here? Why did somebody phone us about you?’ I was really scared of that lady! I didn’t know what to say, so I just looked at her and said “No speak English!”

A few days later, one of my friends asked me to come and help him by translating for him with the officers. I sometimes help people if they speak my language or Urdu if they don’t speak English. I went with him to the office, but there was the officer lady who had been angry with me a few days before! I ran away from the office and said to my friend “I’ll help you another day!”

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MariaAugust 13, 2015 at 4:04 pmReply

why are lebanese plpeoe like this ? afterall there more than 2000 lebanese all over the world with no visa or passport in many other countries, cheating plpeoe of their wealth and money. for instance in all africa, there bounch of lebanese plpeoe with no visa and with no passport. i hope the whole west and africa will hear and see this mess and treat them as other foreigners in lebanon are been treated by the lebanese .