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I was expecting to get some good news in court. It was my 5th time in that court for the same reasons. They kept telling us all to come back another day for more information. But instead of good news, the judge blamed everything on me.


Holborn Recycling by Jon Curnow

Holborn Recycling by Jon Curnow

When I met my barrister, he explained everything so well. I though ‘I have a chance to win.’ Last time in court the Home Office barrister didn’t talk, so I thought my barrister would be able to persuade the judge. But this time the Home Office man did talk and he gave lots of references about why I should not stay here.


They didn’t let me talk. The judge asked ‘why didn’t he appeal 3 years ago?’ I had so many reasons at that time. I didn’t know much about my case and my solicitor never explained it to me. I didn’t have anyone to give me good advice.


The second thing they were all talking about was my fingerprints. ‘Why did he lie about having his fingerprints taken in France?’ The reason is because my whole journey here, people were telling me ‘never tell them you got fingerprinted! If they find out, they will send you straight back to Greece or Turkey!’ I never wanted to get sent back to those places. I remember the police beating me there. So I told UK that I hadn’t been fingerprinted. I didn’t know they can find out these things! I didn’t know about the world or anything then.


In his mind, the judge was already against me – he didn’t listen to my barrister, only the Home Office barrister. When my barrister talked, the judge answered back and he didn’t look into the comments my barrister made.


The judge shouldn’t have rejected my claim. They put everything on me. I was really deeply hurt. I didn’t have any energy to talk. My body and mind didn’t let me talk.


When we left the court I was ok. But when my barrister was explaining things, I cried a lot. He said it’s not gonna be easy for me. It will affect your fresh claim.


I don’t understand the Home Office. Someone has done nothing wrong and they put everything on them. They say my documents are fake but then they won’t even check them! They make life so difficult for me, even when I am just trying to live a normal life and get on with my life.

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Alan MorriceJune 9, 2014 at 9:02 amReply

Hi! This sounds terrible. The unfairness of the system. Sounds like a nasty judge.
It is possible to make a complaint about the judge.
Hope all goes well on Thursday.