KA judgement decided – but what does it mean for me?

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My asylum case is similar to somebody else’s case. It’s called KA (Afghanistan) and my solicitor told me something like your case is involved in KA case and we need to wait until KA’s judgement is decided. So all the time I have been waiting for them to decide about KA, but I don’t know who this person is.

Today I was in a meeting and I got the message from Facebook and Twitter and there was a lot of people talking about the KA case but I really didn’t understand what’s going on with it. They said it had been decided. I asked for help from a friend if she can understand something about what happened and she did read something but she didn’t really get it either.

Flickr_Why_by_grbenchingI feel kind of scared and worried because when I hear something about myself it’s always bad news in my life and then I was thinking of what it will be like going to sign next month I feel very bad and scared. My whole day was very bad because I was thinking that it could be good news or bad but my mind kept pushing me to think that it’s bad news. All day and night I was very worried about it. I called my teacher and my solicitor and NCADC but no-one really knew what the judgement meant.
Then I didn’t have any more ideas so I went to sleep straight away because I was feeling so bad and I was fasting. I thought to myself, hey the best thing is to go to sleep then you will stop thinking yeah.
But I’m worried because I still don’t know anything about what’s going on with the case and I’m still waiting for night to be day then I can talk to my solicitor about it. I even went to some websites and blogs to see if I can find something about KA case but I couldn’t because it’s crazy English and too difficult for me. It made me worried all day and night. I don’t know what to do now. I’m still awake.

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