I just want to study!

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I’m not sure if anyone in my family has been to university, but my dad was a very educated man…I think I will be the first one in my family to go university. I will try my best to go there and I really would love to go.
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Before I came to England I never ever thought about going to university. There was nothing in my mind about it, or even school or college. Then when I started studying here a lot of people kept asking me ‘are you going to university in the future?’ Some friends explained to me what university is so then I decided to go to university in the future.

I have been studying IT at college and now I needed to move to the next level. I need level 3 as the next step for university, but also my social worker said ‘if you want us to continue to support you, then you need to do this higher education.’ I didn’t know this before, but if I don’t continue my studies towards university, then I will lose my accommodation and all the support I get from social services!
So I decided to take this race for living my life instead of being thrown onto the street!
I went to my old IT teacher to ask for place if I can go for the course. He started asking me ‘I need to know how it’s going with your case because I don’t want you to leave in the middle of the year if they send you to detention again.’ He was asking me questions like he was an immigration officer! I don’t know what will happen with my case, but I just said that I really want this course for many reasons. Then he said ‘what guarantee do you have to prove that it won’t happen?’


I don’t know even now – it could even happen this Thursday, which is when I’m going to report. So finally he said ‘I will accept you when you bring your leaning agreement from where you study Level 2.’ I was so happy but I didn’t know what would happen later.

I went to enroll on my course and the lady said ‘you have to pay £990.’ Whaaaat! But I’m an asylum seeker! I don’t have any money! Where can I find that much money??? And she said ‘I know, I’m sorry, but there’s nothing we can do.’ I was so disappointed. It is so hard for me to do simple things here. I’m so tired of everything and I try to do the right thing but the ways are always closed for me. Sometimes I wonder why this always happens to me? I’m human too! I just say to myself ‘Tory leave everything to people who don’t want me to stay in this country.’ I feel hopeless and helpless.

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SorabjiJanuary 16, 2013 at 6:04 pmReply

I think that in a strange & funny way all the trials stress you are facing will make you stronger. Hang in there bro. Hang in there.

Life After DeportationJanuary 18, 2013 at 2:28 pmReply

Thankssss :-)