I didn’t run away

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I had my monthly review this week. They decide if I can be temporarily released or if I have to stay here. They gave me a paper with a long list of reasons why they won’t let me leave. ‘Risk of absconding,’ ‘not enough links to family and friends to prevent risk of absconding,’ ‘has attempted to abscond in the past.’ At first I didn’t really understand all the words. But they gave 6 reasons which all mean the same thing! When I saw this, I was upset because I didn’t run away; they blame me that I was running away but the truth is something else.

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I had to sign every month near Heathrow. When I moved house, I asked them to change where I sign. So I went to sign at a new office in Old Street. The day I went to sign, they took my paper and went away to discuss it and I just left the place because I was really scared at that time and I though that they would send me back straight away to Afghanistan. I didn’t really know the rules of UK that much. Trust me, if I knew the trouble it would bring to not sign, I would have stayed there. Now I realise it’s not that much to sign once a month.

But I wasn’t trying to hide from immigration. I was living in my old property and immigiration knew where I lived. Also immigiration knew who was supporting me in this country and they had my contact details and my social worker’s details. I was going to college every day and my attendance was 97% there, so if they wanted to contact me, they could just have called me or sent a letter to my house.

IRC Harmondsworth

IRC Harmondsworth

Even now I wouldn’t run away. Even if someone opened the door for me and said “go!” I wouldn’t do it, because what is the point of escaping ?!!!  They will catch me again some where else again. If I run away what can I do for a living? I would have no support or opportunities or place to live ….

If I get temporary release I will study in my college again and study there and I need to finish my exams in the next two months. Also I want to visit my friends. I miss my friends, my teachers, and I get bored here, that’s why I miss outside. I don’t want to go to Afghanistan because I have no one there. And why would I want to spend my life in prison?!!!

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