time to end indefinite detention

time to end indefinite detention

When I was in detention I never knew how long I would be there. That is because Britain  detains people indefinitely, which means that they don’t tell you how long you will be there for. Some people it was a few months and for some people it was years. I heard about one man who had been in detention for 9 years!

If I had to choose between being in detention and being in a normal prison I would choose prison, because I would know when I will be free but in detention centres there is no guarantee.

Speaking out about detention

Speaking out about detention
The day before I was due to be deported to Afghanistan in April, Detention Action put me in touch with a new solicitor, who managed to get me a judicial review and temporarily stop my deportation.
Now I think it’s important for everyone to know about detention because there are a lots of people there who need help. They are hopeless and some people have no one to help them. When I was there I didn’t know what to do but my teacher and mentor helped me a lot and a lot, so it’s important for everyone to know about detention.

My friend Abdul Samar

Children stop tending to the crop to watch the patrol_Flickr by Helmandblog

I was thinking about my friend Abdul Samar the other day. The last time I heard from him, he told me about his job in Afghanistan. He carries a heavy bag of seeds and plants them in the ground to grow vegetables. He also has to dig channels for the water to get to the plants. It is hard work and he has done it every day for the last 18 months from early in the morning.

Detention centres: zoos or holiday camps?!

Detention centres: zoos or holiday camps?!

“My friend, I feel that I’m locked up in a room
and the keys are lost.
I’m disconnected from life.”

“I’m living in the dark. Dark life.
I don’t want nothing from them except
to let me go, let me go,
they have no right to
steal my life away.”

KA judgement decided – but what does it mean for me?

KA judgement decided – but what does it mean for me?
My asylum case is similar to somebody else’s case. It’s called KA (Afghanistan) and my solicitor told me something like your case is involved in KA case and we need to wait until KA’s judgement is decided. So all the time I have been waiting for them to decide about KA, but I don’t know who this person is.

Today I was in a meeting and I got the message from Facebook and Twitter and there was a lot of people talking about the KA case but I really didn’t understand what’s going on with it. They said it had been decided. I asked for help from a friend if she can understand something about what happened and she did read something but she didn’t really get it either.