How can I Pay???

Pound Coins by William Warby

Pound Coins by William Warby

My fresh claim is my last chance of staying here. But my solicitor just told me she needs to charge me for doing my case because there is no Legal Aid any more. I don’t know why there was Legal Aid but now there isn’t but I think it is because of budget cuts and things.

Not Going to Uni

"University of Westminster - East View" by David Buxton

“University of Westminster – East View” by David Buxton


My class-mates don’t know I’m an asylum seeker. I think I’m the only one. I haven’t told them because I think they might laugh or be childish. They do know that I have a problem with fees or loans or something and that’s why I might not be going to uni in September. It feels sad because they are all going.

Going to Sign

Like It Here by Seth Dodson

Like It Here by Seth Dodson

I am scared of going to sign. I heard one of my friends went to report and they said ‘we need to do a short interview with you.’ And they took him into a small room and asked him some questions.

My Day in Court

I was expecting to get some good news in court. It was my 5th time in that court for the same reasons. They kept telling us all to come back another day for more information. But instead of good news, the judge blamed everything on me.

not going to uni…

My friends are planning their UCAS applications. I am planning mine, but I know I won’t be going to university this September. In 6 years, my status here still hasn’t been sorted out. That means I can’t apply for a loan for the fees. There’s no way I could afford to pay the International fees! And I’m not allowed to work, so I can’t even earn the money.