Afghans released!

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Afghans released!

Last week 3 or 4 people from my country were released.  They and I don’t even know the reason why.  One of my friends had no solicitor because nobody could take his case. Even my solicitor said “sorry T, I can’t take his case.” I know my friend’s situation, there was no chance for him to be released, because there was nothing left for his case. But then on Thursday they gave him a paper and said, “have you got friends or family you can stay with? OK, released.” Just like that! They didn’t say why and he didn’t know why. He said to me “pinch me because maybe I’m dreaming!”

Prison_Flickr by  UggBoy♥UggGirl

Prison_Flickr by UggBoy♥UggGirl

When somebody gets released I feel happy for them because I know how it is hard being in a detention center. I wait for it to happen to me and for my other friends, but nobody knows how and when! because officers and UKBA don’t speak honestly with us about releasing people. I’m nervous all the time about whether or not it will happen to me and other detainees. Also, will it continue if they release me, because I don’t know, maybe they will bring me back to the detention center after I get released. This has happened to some of my friends.


You know there are no wars or serious danger in some countries like Iran, Pakistan, Bangladesh, India, South Africa …… but we see lots of their people getting released every day from the detention center, but as you know Afghanistan is the most dangerous county in the world and they still send Afghan people back and deport them.

never give up_flickr by londoninflamesAlways UKBA declares that Afghanistan is safe for you and you can live there but on the BBC you can read lots of news about my country situation.

One day some NATO soldiers (USA and UK army) kill my people and one day later the Taliban attacks innocent civilians and there is no place to live there.

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