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My flight has been cancelled by my solicitor, while she appeals my case. I was so happy when they cancelled my flight. But the flight for my friends was still due to go ahead. The day before the flight they normally take the people to the small F wing to wait for the flight. But this time immigration wanted to take them 3 days before.

art at Harmondsworth IRC

art at Harmondsworth IRC

My friends were just taken by force from our wing called C and D even though they were happy here. It’s better in C and D than F wing that’s why they didn’t want to go there.  Some men were hiding in the toilets and some in the mosque. Then the officers looked on the CCTV and saw some people hiding in the cinema because it was dark there. They stopped the film and turned the lights on and took the people by force. There were 4 officers to catch one person.

Also all of them knew that this flight would be cancelled: as you know there were some Taliban attacks in Afghanistan on 15/04/2012. All the world knows that there is no safe life in Afghanistan but they forced them to be removed to this country.  They knew that this flight would be cancelled. They do this again and again! There is nothing here, just a small place without fresh air.

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ClaireApril 17, 2012 at 8:35 amReply

I only found out yesterday that you are still in the UK. I’m glad your flight was cancelled. I’m sorry life is very difficult for you at the moment. Stay strong and try to be positive. We’ll be in touch soon.
I think your blog is a great idea.
Very best wishes,
Claire and your ICT class mates xxx

Janet KingApril 24, 2012 at 5:00 pmReply

This is the most moving website I have ever read and I am sharing it on facebook with my friends.The Immigration/Asylum system in the UK must change for the better NOW.